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Just what the hell is this website about?

This is my travel blog. I’m Jade. Hello. I’d say more about myself but I think the photograph to the left says more than words ever could.

My ambition is to roam and I’ve decided to write about what happens. I’ve read a few books, so I know how all this travel-writing stuff goes. I’ve seen that film where Julia Roberts goes to Italy. Twice. You’re dealing with a real expert here.

I’m currently in the process of completing a TEFL course so that I’ll be able to teach English and make my living as I jaunt around.

I also sometimes write about other stuff, like big rants about things that have nothing to do with travel, about how I eat a lot of shit, about films. Also, I doodle.

My Current Location: Koh Samuii, Thailand.

If you came here for actual skeletons, I can only assume you are enormously frustrated and possibly violently angry.

Fancy screaming into the void?

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