Shit Sad Dinners: Hand Cream

Dinner time has rolled around once again in the SSD household and the cupboards are bare.

Cue creative thinking. Cue empty fridge rummage. Taking inspiration from the world of skincare and cosmetics, I am proud to present…

Hand Cream: A New Low. A straight-from-the-can, whipped dairy wonder. No washing up required.


Shit Sad Dinners: Trio in Beige 

Welcome to flavour country. 

Shit Sad Dinners: Burnt Shame Disc


It’s been a tough old weekend. Monday rolls around. You decide to order a takeaway. You forget to add the pepperoni and end up with a plain margherita pizza like some kind of enormous idiot. No worries. You have some pepperoni in the fridge. You just have to cook it yourself.

What is the point of going on?

Shit Sad Dinners: Egg


The first entry into the SSD hall of fame: Egg. Here, we see two pieces of processed white bread, laid open faced on a plate, smothered in thick bottle-remnants of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. The egg, fried, lies in lukewarm anticipation of its placing upon its soft bread bed. The Coco Pops Monkey is most pleased with the effort. Truly, this meal epitomises the very essence of the SSD experience.